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Five Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

A lot of firms have improved their operations by incorporating Artificial Intelligence into their businesses; from graphic designers who are able to generate quick tweaks to visuals, chat bots that can analyze information from previous communication to generate accurate responses to customer inquiries, hiring managers that has the ability to sort and qualify applicants, researchers that can identify fake images and so on.

Here are some other benefits of AI that might entice you to give a serious look:

1. Automates customer interactions and provide real-time assistance

We all know that majority of emails, social media chats, and telephone conversations require human participation. Through the help of AI, these tasks can be automated with its ability to examine conversations on its own and provide accurate responses to customers.

For instance, a customer wants to makes changes on his travel booking so he initiates to send a chat message to the social media page of the airline. A chat bot would then be available to gather information and send accurate and real-time response to customer’s inquiry.

2. Replace tedious tasks

It is said that workers ' repetitive workloads can be modified due to the ability of AI to transform these tasks into automated. Workers will no longer have to do boring-lengthy jobs with this benefit and will be given better tasks to accomplish.

3. Data Mining

Processing large amount of data is now made easier where apps and programs are able to discover important and relevant findings immediately. This will support companies, in particular, those in the retail industry to understand browsing and buying habits of their customers this in turn will help them determine what goods to sell to their target market.

4. Improve recruitment process

Artificial Intelligence enables companies also to automate the recruitment process. An example is LinkedIn, where employers registered as a business account can be provided with a list of users who are actively looking for a job depending on the position they are looking for. The list will then be sorted and show qualified applicants depending on the needs of employer. This allows firms to save more time and ensure that the applicants they interview have the knowledge, skills and experience they need to perform the job effectively.

5. Predict outcomes

If you aggregate all the benefits above, AI also has the ability of predicting outcomes from data analysis.  Just like companies who utilize AI to create sales forecasts, these firms are able to estimate their future sales and help them create intelligent business decisions to manage their resources well and achieve their quotas.

The Bottom Line

It is no doubt that companies who have started to use AI can be three times ahead of their competitors in the near future. A lot of industries can benefit from using it, from generating reliable insights, reducing human errors, saving time and money, converting data into revenue, discovering risks and so much more.

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