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Isla Isolation Platform

Stop breaches before they happen with the Isla Isolation Platform. Grounded in the principles of Zero Trust security, Isla neutralizes digital threats that target the web, emails, and documents by taking all incoming code, isolating it on a remote virtual browser, and streaming harmless pixels back to your endpoint. 

Isla Isolation Platform can:

  • Neutralize all web threats without the need for detection as it isolates all codes that pass through your web browser
  • Provide a secure web gateway function that allows policy-based controls based on URL classification for an added level of protection
  • Prevents users from email threats including phishing and malicious links as it immediately flags suspicious emails and presents them in read-only mode
  • Enables policy-based controls and transforms documents into a safe rendering to prevent breaches that occur through document downloads
  • Prevent breaches coming from attacks within compromised web applications
  • Provide rich reporting and analysis functions to help you understand user behavior, analyze threats, and gain insights

IBM Qradar (SIEM)

Provides a reliable security analytics that targets major threats

The software makes it easier for the security departments to identify and prioritize company-wide threats and deliver strategic insights that allow teams to respond right away to minimize the impact of incidents. Based on studies, there is an average of 51% improvement in the accuracy of threat detection on firms who have utilized the product. It also enables users to:

  • Have thorough visibility across multiple security environments
  • Make use of pre-built reports and templates to adhere with internal organizational policies and external regulations
  • Avoid manual tasks with the aid of a centralized list that shows all related tasks to a particular threat detected